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Deletes any bugs in the game and improves the game's color and view of space

Deletes any bugs in the game and improves the game's color and view of space

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Program license: Free

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Version: 1.27a

Works under: Windows

Also available for Mac


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Blizzard Entertainment


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The Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne expansion pack adds to the Warcraft storyline and gameplay with four new campaigns. New units have been added to each of the four races, including a new hero for each race:

  • Spirit Walker - Orc
  • Blood Mage - Human
  • Crypt Lord - Undead
  • Warden - Night Elf

Campaigns take place in the icy land of Northrend, and you'll be introduced to the new units, buildings, and upgrades as you follow the story from the perspective of each of the four races. Other neutral heroes and a whole new race are also introduced as the overarching story unfolds.

Those who enjoyed Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos will likely be equally impressed with this expansion pack. Unlike other expansion packs, The Frozen Throne isn't merely a watered-down version of the original; it can stand on its own as an RPG. While Reign of Chaos lacks naval units like Warcraft II, the new expansion adds ships and amphibious units as well to expand the strategy.

As in Reign of Chaos, heroes are the most powerful units and are therefore at the forefront when it comes to strategy. In this sense, this version of the Warcraft franchise is significantly different from its predecessor, and some Warcraft purists may not like this change. However, there's no doubt that this is still one of the best RPGs out there, especially with this lore-rich expansion that adds tremendous depth to the realm of Azeroth.

Here are some more pros and cons of the Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne expansion pack:


New units and heroes

Entirely new campaigns

Free patch improves the game and fixes bugs

Rich lore adds to the Warcraft experience for series fans


Purists may not like how strategy has changed

Lore can leave casual players impatient